Friday, June 2, 2017

Google Engineer Guy Who doesn't remember

Yes, I agree with Jeremy Gunter as memorizing a fact or idea does not mean you actually know it. When you look something up that you need to know on stack overflow you are probably more likely to remember information because it was relevant to the task at hand. Apposed to memorizing a specific term that may not be relevant to you situation or job in general. Not even historians try to remember everything at once thats why historians are experts on different fields like World War II or the Civil War. Thats why it is pointless to memorize information when you have access to the answer online. You should not solely have to google everything though as then you will not learn anything and rely to heavily on the internet.

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

AR and VR

(1) The difference between AR and VR is that AR or augmented reality is meant to implement objects in your daily life around you while Virtual reality will not. VR will always have to enclose the user in some kind of virtual dome to be able to make a visual experience. This is not the case for augmented reality which may be implemented into an everyday object like glasses. This implementation could all the user to ask the glasses questions to help better the person's life. Another difference is virtual reality may harm a users' eyes or brain as it is directly implemented into the users eyes. While the AR would attempt not to interfere with the users vision.
(2) One company implementing virtual reality technologies is Avegant who had created a personal theater headset called the Glyph. This is meant to allow a person to view a movie where ever they are which includes in a car or on a plane. The headset is listed as having HD graphics and clear audio quality allowing it to be one of if not the first in it's field. The product is listed at a price of $499.00 and this includes all the essential pieces for the product. Another virtual reality device is the retinad analytics. This has no confirmed creator yet but it would be in a companies best intrest to invest in it. This allows a company to view a user heat map of where they look on the screen and purchasing history as they shop. This would allow companies to make more appealing advertising and websites for users. While on the augmented side Lumus who develops all types of glasses made the DK-50 prototype recently. This augmented reality device allows the user to see wide view with no trade offs. The other uses have not yet been disclosed on their website yet though. The next device is the Meta by Meta which is an augmented reality for your house. This allows the user to be able to move augmented objects and bring up computer screens. This would also allow someone to watch videos on the augmented set.

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Screen cast test - there is my screen cast for my addcalc program

Saturday, February 25, 2017


1. The first algorithm takes in the users choice that they had given the program earlier on in the program. This block of code will then decide from which option you chose which type of calculation on the calculator you would like to do. It will run through its possible options until it has got to its desired answer. That would be if the user chose to subtract or choice two then the program will understand that since input is not == to choice 1 it must continue on the list of options. Its next choice would be option two which is == 2 so it will then select that operation. Then under that operation it will intake the numbers the user has input earlier to calculate their answer. It will then print out the calculation of your operation and the numbers you have inputted. Then the second algorithm defines all the operations for the program. They are used in the algorithm listed earlier in this paragraph to know what the do with the two inputs the user has put in. This allows the program to know that add means to take both the inputs of num1 and num2 and find the sum of them.

2. The combined algorithms allow the whole program to work in general. That is because the defined operations are useless without the the formulas and the user's decisions. The definition of the operations only tell the program what subtract,add,multiply, and divide mean for the program to do later on. That also applies to the choices which would not be able to determine what each operation term meant without the earlier defined operations.

Thursday, February 9, 2017


This code defines the add, subtract, multiply and divide. This reduces the code because every time one of these operations needs to be performed instead of writing out the entire formula all I would need to do is type the name of the operation. The program is a calculator so it will use these every single time it runs. There is also a practical use to this code because it makes the program look neater which allows it to be read easier. This along with other techniques I had used allowed me to edit my code when I had gotten errors when writing it. When the user says that he/she would like to do addition it would refer to "def add(x,y):" and add x which would be the first input with y which is the second input.

Wednesday, February 8, 2017


The code in this algorithm decides to which the users choice was and directs them to the appropriate operation. This being if they chose to add they would be redirected to choice number one. This code will decide rather if they belong in any of the choices and if not they will be directed to the else operator which will output an error message. The program itself is a calculator so this path of elif choices guides the user to a solution to which an answer will be presented. The user would first input their choice and their numbers to which their answer would correspond.

Monday, January 30, 2017


In recent news the DNC was hacked and released more emails from Hillary Clinton on Anthony Wiener's laptop. A new report suggests the group behind the hacking was also linked to hacking Ukraine. This and other things make the hacking behind the DNC seem more likely to be Russia even though President Trump denies it. The hack was more than likely to sway the American election so that the candidate with a weaker stance on Russia would win. This happened right before the election to get a last minute swarm of voters to change their minds about their choice for president. From this many people now think differently on the election and believe Trump is a puppet because of the evidence saying the election was hacked to favor a candidate, Trump.